No Sunday School, Nursery, Children's Church

or Evening Services.

Our building has been thoroughly sanitized & will be sanitized between each of our services in order for members & guests to feel safe coming back into a group setting.


  • All are welcome to come to the service that best suits you & your family.

  • Due to time restraints for cleaning between services each service will not be any longer than one hour.


  • The 2 sets of double doors in the back of the building will be the only entrances & exits available unless you have special handicapped needs, ie wheelchairs, walkers, etc. For those who aren't able to come into our back doors please use the front glass doors.

  • Doors will be unlocked & propped open 20 minutes before each service.

  • After dismissal, doors will be propped open for exiting the building.


  • There will be someone collecting tithes at each Sanctuary door.


  • When choosing your seat, look for the signs directing you to the specific pews to sit in.

  • We recommend you sit with your family members.

  • Consider those who may not be able to climb the stairs. If you are able & there is room, please sit in the balcony.


  • The restrooms located near the nursery will be available to use.

  • Someone will open the door for you to enter the restroom.

If you do not feel safe coming back into a group setting you can still watch from home! Join us LIVE or you can always go back & watch our service after the stream has ended on our website & Facebook.

Please call or email us with any questions.